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2-in-1 Cushioned Playmat

2-in-1 Cushioned Playmat

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We wanted to get more out of our playmats. especially since they're so expensive!

Most playmats in the market are so bulky and hard to store - which is a big issue with houses in Singapore getting smaller.

Plus, we wanted something that can be used beyond the 0-1 year phase, with the road design allowing your toddler to interact with the mat with his/her toy vehicles. 

Benefits of this cushioned playmat:
1. When not in use, it can be folded for compact storage.
2. Comes with a storage bag with a handle that fits the mat perfectly.
3. Soft cushioning.
4. Water-repellent finish. 
5. Soundproofing
6. Easy to clean with a vacuum cleaner or a roller (adhesive sheet).
7. Reversible design. The wood design can be used during the newborn phase, while the road design can be used for toddlers playing with their toy cars. 
8. Lightweight and easy to carry. Great for outdoor activities!

Country of origin: China
Material / component: Surface: 100% polyethylene
Water repellent | Heat resistant (70°C)
Package: Individual Packaging
Product tag: Attached

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