Our Beginnings

Established in 2024, KINCHAN (金ちゃん)is the brainchild of 2 moms who collectively have over 15 years of experience working at the world’s largest Japanese fashion conglomerate.

They were frustrated by the lack of design thinking, and overwhelmed by the multitude of options in the kids and babies market in Singapore.

So, after experiencing the incredible level of craft behind Japanese products first-hand, they set out to create a trusted brand that curates only the most functional essentials from Japanese brands to reduce the mental load of fellow tired moms (and the clutter too)!

So if you’re looking for simplicity and reliability in the hectic and unpredictable world of raising kids, you’ve come to the right place. いっらしゃいませ (irrashaimase)!

Our Brand Promise

100% of the products listed on KINCHAN will be from Japanese brands for quality assurance.

And unlike other retailers in Singapore where brands pay for shelf space and offer many options for just one product category, KINCHAN will test multiple but choose only one brand per category, with personal stories behind each curation.

The founders' single-minded focus is to provide highly functional products at fair prices. Ultimately, they aim to help all moms feel like they're giving their very best, which is nothing less than what their kids deserve.

Our Name & Logo

In Japanese, Kin (金) means gold and Chan (ちゃん) is an endearing suffix attached to young kids.The name therefore represents the founders' belief that children are precious kin - to treasure and to hold.

A capybara was chosen as our icon because we aspire to be just like them - able to relax and spend time with family, especially in our fast-paced world.